About Paris Saint-Germain Academy


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is the symbol of Paris Saint-Germain’s commitment to youth development and education.

Established in 2005 in close collaboration with the cub’s Elite Academy (see below) to develop a world-class technical program accessible to all, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy provides young footballers with the opportunity to step inside the world of the prestigious club, while benefitting from the know-how of its top coaches. It offers a unique training methodology tailored to each individual’s profile (age, level etc.), focusing on three core principles:

  • Offering all participants the unique Paris Saint-Germain player development know-how
  • Promoting the noble values of sport
  • Discovering potential new talents

Since Paris Saint-Germain Academy’s creation in 2005, more than 150 camps have been organized in Paris for boys and girls aged between 5 and 16 from all over the world.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy also has schools or camps in Paris (France), Rio (Brazil), New York (USA), Florida (USA) Miami (USA), California (USA),  Montreal (Canada), Doha (Qatar), Morroccoand also……. INDIA.

Sports Roots

A company with offices in Delhi and Paris has an exclusive agreement with Paris Saint-Germain to develop and run Paris Saint-Germain Academy schools and camps in the Indian sub-continent.

About the Elite Academy

The Paris Saint-Germain Elite Academy is the club’s top youth football program that trains the stars of tomorrow. It has proven its ability to find and develop talents by achieving great results thanks to experienced and dedicated staff. The Paris Saint-Germain Elite Academy has been ranked #1 in France 3 years in a row, with national titles in the U16, U17 and U18 categories.

Paris Saint-Germain Elite Academy players are regularly called up to the French national youth teams competing in the European Championship and the World Cup.