Free Training Sessions SNS 5 July 2014 Lucas Group


“Kids seemed very excited and the event was well organised.” “I want to start my son’s football training soon, and I’m very likely to register him for the PSG Academy India Champions School program” (which starts on 14 July).

These were some of the many positive comments from parents whose kids attended our Free Training Sessions at Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon this weekd-end. The event turned out to be a run away success, thanks to more than 150 excited participants and even more excited parents from the ever buzzing National Capital Region of Gurgaon.

“What we are doing here is an experience that money can’t buy and can’t be compared to, a year back if you wanted this experience of structured football training, you would have to fly to Paris,” said Paris Saint-Germain Academy India Director and Sports Roots cofounder Rajesh Mehrotra.

Each of the training sessions were divided into four smaller sessions with focus various technical skills such as dribbling, shooting, ball control. For Coach Sacha who has been training youngsters since he was seventeen, having a strong base of basic football technique is of highest importance.

“I am not here just for the summer,” said Head Coach Sacha. “I am here for full 3-4 years, not only to help establish the Paris Saint-Germain Academy India but to turn it into a system that keeps growing.”

One thing is for sure, in this cricket worshipping country, football has to be the sport with the highest growth and this is what was shown by the excitement among each & every participant over the span of two days. Paris Saint-Germain Academy India will launch its first one-year program on Monday, July 14, 2014 at Shiv Nadar School in Gurgaon. Registrations are open and will be taken on a first-in first-served basis.

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