Social Responsibility


  • We believe in the educational, moral and social values of sports.
  • We believe sports can make a positive difference in children’s lives.
  • We believe in the power of sports to help build a better and friendlier society.

For all these reasons, social responsibility is at the heart of our approach and we are working on various initiatives that will benefit under-privileged Indian children.

Our first program was the Khel Khel Mein Football League by Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, a Teach for India initiative. This league allowed 900 children from 35 unprivileged Delhi NCR schools to take part in a dedicated football tournament in November and December 2014. The program was run by Teach For India fellows with the financial and methodological support of Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, and the operational and technical support of Paris Saint-Germain Academy India.

About the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation 

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi

President, Paris Saint-Germain and Paris Saint-Germain Foundation

 “Acting on its desire to show its commitment to social issues, Paris Saint-Germain decided to set up the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation in 2000.

Since then Paris Saint-Germain has played an active part in the social  integration of young people through a range of programmes, with more than 120,000 children enjoying the events and activities the Foundation has organised in that time.

Through education and the organising of activities, we seek to assume our civic responsibilities by providing opportunities for young children who often only have sport as a means of bettering themselves. We endeavour to provide that selfsame support and comfort to sick children, who draw strength and courage from their favourite team to fight illness.

The Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, funding for which I have decided to triple, looks to develop this vital role of supporting children in need and will now step up its activity to play an even more prominent role at the heart of the Paris Saint-Germain family.

To make that particular goal a reality, an endowment fund bringing together our partners and friends has been set up to bolster resources. One of the new initiatives that will come into being as a result is a programme designed to help children succeed: The Rouge & Bleu Schools, which will soon be set up in our region and then across the world.”

How you can contribute

By joining the Paris Saint-Germain Academy India, through your registration fees, you already contribute. Indeed the better Paris Saint-Germain Academy India is doing, the more we will be able to develop social programs.

But it’s not only about the money… it’s also about giving one’s time, one’s smile and about sharing.

As we build our social programs, we will keep you informed as to how you can help.