Training Methodology

A good football player is one that is technically skilled, physically fit, mentally strong and game-intelligent. Our unique methodology covers all aspects of the game:

Technical: ball control, passing, shooting, dribbling, juggling

Physical: coordination, speed, endurance, strength, flexibility

Psychological: self-belief, daring & trying, fighting spirit, team spirit

Tactical: reading and seeing the game, playing without the ball

Paris Saint-Germain Academy India uses the most advanced technical tools developed at the elite club’s elite academy in Paris:

  1. Illustrated, age-specific technical books that allow for smooth learning and improvement
  2. Best sports consumables for the various exercises
  3. Progress and performance monitoring through well-designed tests and precise assessments
  4. Video

Our curriculums are structured, progressive and age-specific.

We focus on quality rather than quantity: children in our programs receive great individual attention.